Third Floor Farm

Growing food seems intimidating, doesn’t it? Most of us have grown accustomed to food being something that is just there, something easy that we don’t really have to think about.

And gardening is no walk in the park, but it’s certainly possible to do. You don’t need a lot of training, or even a lot of space, to grow a little bit (or a lot) of your own food. These are my adventures.

Container Gardening / Community Gardening

Container Gardening

An Introduction
Learning Lessons

Community Gardening

A Welcome Windfall
First Planting
Sunflower Sprouts!
Shades of Green
Successes and Setbacks
Out with Summer, In with Fall
The Fall Garden Waiting Game
Hearty Winter Plants
An Eight-Month Tale of Garlic
10 Reasons I Love My Community Garden (and why you should join one, too)

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