Nov 23


30 Pounds of Apples 2014 Calendar – It’s Here!

2014 Calendar!
I can’t decide if I am more nervous or excited about sharing this with you. So bear with me.

Since I started this blog two and a half years ago, it has been solely a digital enterprise. Oh sure the cooking and the gardening and the eating exist beyond this little corner of the internet, but my writing and photography and recipes live only here. Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing some of that work to life, creating something that could live on a wall or a desk or a shelf. And no, I am NOT attempting to write a cookbook: I have neither the talent nor the time to take on a project of that scale.

So how about a calendar?

Sneak peek
It seems only appropriate: the available local produce marks seasonal changes for me just as strongly as weather and leaves and hours of daylight. I’ve sifted through hundreds of photos in the last few weeks to find my favorites for each month, and I am thrilled to present the final product to you. I’ve already received a proof, and I am very happy with the result: thick pages, bright colors, and a clean, simple month design make a good calendar in my mind, and this one has all three!

So if you’ve ever wanted some 30 Pounds of Apples swag, your moment has arrived.  If you think this looks like something you want on your own wall, or something you want to give to someone else, I hope you’ll order one! I really think you’ll like it. Everyone needs a calendar, right?


I also want to give away a copy to one of you. I get so much out of this blog, but my favorite aspect continues to be the conversation, the question-asking, the story-telling from those of you reading. I’m so glad you’re here.

Another sneak peek!

How to Win the 30 Pounds of Apples 2014 Calendar

1. Leave a comment on this post to answer this question: What is your favorite month, and why is it your favorite?
2. BONUS! To enter twice, head on over to 30 Pounds of Apples on Facebook and like the page. Then, come back to this post and leave me a comment saying you liked the Facebook page, and you’ll be entered twice. Fancy! (New likes only, but thanks to all the early adopters!)
3. Enter by 11:59pm EST on Monday, December 2. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, December 3.
4. Open to US residents only (sorry to my international readers, shipping is so dang expensive!) 


  1. Abbe says:

    Yay for your beautiful calendar! I’m totally going to buy one, but since you asked… My favorite month is October. The leaves turn beautiful colors and crunch under your feet, the weather cools down enough for layering clothes, and my farmer’s market fills up with my favorite veggies ready for a nice warm soup.

    Also, you should definitely write a cookbook. I’d buy it. :-)

  2. Colleen says:

    30 pounds of apples is part of my everyday life! Love your posts and your photos. You are amazing, not only as a cook and teacher but as an artist!! Love the calendar and will be purchasing one for sure.

  3. Joan in VA says:

    My favorite month … June because my wedding anniversary is that month, my brother was born in that month, his son was born in that month, his grandson was born in that month, my son was born in that month, and his daughter was born in that month.

  4. Joan in VA says:

    Just got back from your FB page. I ‘liked’ it. And in fact, did really like it.

  5. Gina V. says:

    My favorite month is April when the grass get greener, the flowers start to bloom and the birds start to sing. I love the breath of fresh air and new life that comes with Spring! (And I agree with Abbe – I would definitely buy a cookbook too!)

  6. Gina V. says:

    Bonus – just liked on Facebook too!

  7. Ginger says:

    Ah October is my favorite month too! I love Fall and October is right smack in the middle. And I love that its acceptable for everything and anything to be apple or pumpkin flavored.

  8. Ginger says:

    Also I liked your Facebook page as my Facebook page…Domestic Debbie! :)

  9. CathieJ says:

    February. Both my husband and I were born in February. I also love to stay inside during the cold snowy month and indulge in my favorite things: crafting and baking.

  10. Shannon says:

    November…because I love fall but October is just getting a little too crazy for me. There is just getting to be to much over the top decorating and craziness over Halloween. I like Halloween, but it is getting out of control. November still has changing leaves dangling from the trees and crunching under my feet, the tastes and smells of Autumn (cinnamon, apples, decaying foliage), and the temperature goes from cool and crisp to downright cold by the end of the month. And I love Thanksgiving.

  11. Denise says:

    December; sitting in front of a fire with everything decorated for the holidays. Lots of great food, warmth of family and friends, peace in the quiet of a snowfall.

  12. Meese says:

    My favorite month is November. The turning of the seasons and the changing of the leaves just brings out the best of me in November.

  13. Monica Barco says:

    My favorite month is May. Not only is it my birthday month but it is the start of all of the juicy fruits to be in season. I have celebrated every birthday of my life with strawberries. We used to have about 3 long rows of them growing in our yard when I was a kid. I would come from the garden with red juice in my face and sticky fingers, my mom calling me her May Baby. The first of the warm sweet fruits. Makes my mouth water just writing about it. Yummy yummy May.

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