New Years Pensive, 2013 Edition

The sun sets

The New Year always offers such a nice, fresh start. A blank slate. New calendars, a few months with no plane tickets to buy, no approaching major holidays (or holiday parties). But I don’t exactly believe in New Years Resolutions. You can probably guess why. I don’t think I’ve ever made one that really worked. Often, my goals and resolutions are tied heavily to a season, a school year, a semester, or a show. But at this point in the year, I do like setting a few little goals for myself. Some specific, some general, some philosophical, some pragmatic.

At the risk of over-sharing, here’s a list of some little wants, needs, goals, and plans I have for the coming year.

  1. Cultivate a garden worthy of hobbits.
  2. Go outside every day (commuting and errands don’t count, no cheating).
  3. Explore salads.
  4. Don’t let the groundhog scarf up all the baby plants in the garden this year.
  5. Don’t freak out if the groundhog scarfs up all the baby plants in the garden this year.
  6. Join a CSA.
  7. Floss, dang it.
  8. Complete my watch-all-the-Disney-animated-features-in-chronological-order-of-release project (next up: Lady and the Tramp.)
  9. Learn to cook Swiss chard. Also, eggplant.
  10. Get. A. Passport.
  11. Give generously.
  12. Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway in October or BUST!
  13. Throw a Harry Potter theme party.
  14. Visit my sister.
  15. Write more.
  16. Read more.
  17. Laugh till I turn a little purple more.
  18. Call my grandmas more.
  19. Send fifty surprise letters.
  20. Don’t wish away any months, weeks, days, or hours. Each is rare if not unique.

That’s probably not all. But it feels like a start. Some things to look forward to.

What’s on your mind for 2013?

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