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Pomegranate Salsa

Pomegranate is one of my all-time favorite fruits of winter. It is something I buy as a special treat, one of the rare produce items I do not (and as far as I know, cannot) buy locally. So once a year, I buys a few of these beautiful fruits and savor each and every kernel.

To see whole, pomegranates do not look particularly appealing. They are ruddy and lumpy and have a somewhat awkward outie-belly-button looking thing at the top. They’re hard to peel and bruising on the outside can easily damage the inside. As with most good things, however, if you can get past the outward appearance and the time-consuming peeling, the fruit cracks open to reveal a stunning display.

Does it take quite a while to individually pluck the seeds from the rind? Yes. Is it worth every purple-fingered second? YES.

But while pomegranate is the star of this salsa show, a whole supporting cast of characters is equally important to create this surprising salsa. Bursting with vibrant colors, equally tangy, hot and sweet, and perfectly balanced against the salty crunch of a tortilla chip, this catches me pleasantly off guard with every bite.

I’ve made it for two different parties now, and it was a big hit at each of them. If you’re looking to make the most popular treat at your New Year’s Eve party, this may be your winning ticket. You’ll be looking at an empty bowl before the ball drops.

Pomegranate Salsa
Adapted from All Recipes

Note: For a more mild salsa, remove the seeds from the peppers before chopping them. Most heat from peppers comes from the seeds.

2 1/2 – 3 c pomegranate seeds (about 1 1/5 pomegranates)
1 roma (or other small) tomato, diced
3/4 c red onion, diced
1 jalapeƱo pepper, finely chopped, seeds included
1 serrano pepper, finely chopped, seeds included
grated zest of one lime, about 1 T
3 T fresh parsley, finely chopped
3 T fresh cilantro, finely chopped
1/2 T fresh mint, finely chopped
1/8 tsp sea salt
pinch black pepper
2 T olive oil
juice of one lime, about 3 T

Peel pomegranate by gently slicing an “x” across the top of the fruit. Carefully peel away the peel and the white membranes and pluck seeds into a bowl. Rinse gently if desired.

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix thoroughly. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper as desired. Cover and chill for 1-2 hours before serving. Serve with tortilla chips. 

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  1. Sara says:

    This looks AMAZING and I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Therese says:

    This recipe sounds and looks so good! Lately, my CSA box has been arriving with at least two pomegranates each week. I have found a relatively fast and easy way to separate the seeds from the rind. Cut off the top and bottom, just enough to reveal the seeds. Take a bowl of water and submerge the fruit in the bowl and begin to gently pull the fruit apart. The seeds are easy to dislodge and they will fall to the bottom of the bowl, and the membrane will float to the top. It eliminates the random squirting of juice, and your fingers won’t be quite as stained.

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      LUCKY! What I wouldn’t give to have two pomegranates a week… you must live in balmier climes than I! I’ve heard the water submersion technique, and I tried it once but didn’t have a huge amount of success.

      1. Therese says:

        Kristi, I live in So. Cal. Don’t hate me, I just got back from picking up this weeks CSA, and there were 4 medium sized pomegranates in the box. Now I MUST try the salsa recipe!

        1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

          O.M.G. Jealous! Yes, with that many pomegranates, it really seems like you’re required. Hope you got some parsley and cilantro in your box!

          1. Therese says:

            I bought all the other ingredients today, and made the salsa. It is fantastic! We had it with whole grain chips, and the Mr. and I put some in our burritos. He wants me to blend the pomegranate next time…not sure how that would turn out. I love it as is, and can’t wait to have the need to make it for a pot luck. Thank you!!

          2. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

            Excellent! I’m curious about the blending, though the little bursts of pomegranate are what I really love about the salsa. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Haley says:

    Where did you get your pomegranates? There’s none at my local store either.

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      I got these at Whole Foods in early December. I usually only see them in grocery stores for a few weeks in December and January… maybe try a specialty foods store?

  4. Tara says:

    I am printing out this recipe for sure, love it!! Thanks for sharing it on FB.

  5. Heather says:

    I made this shortly after your original post for a work function…. Now any time that we have a carry-in this is what my co-workers request! Guess what I’m taking to our belated Christmas party this weekend? ;)

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