Nov 29


To Bake a Wedding Cake, Part I: A Prologue

This is Sierra.

And me. The gawky one on the right.

Sierra has been my best friend since we were eleven. Not just friends that catch up when we return to our home town at the holidays. She’s the kind of friend that still edits my resumes (and I hers). The kind of friend that calls me at seven in the morning just to tell me about how crappy the Phoenix traffic is, still references events from middle school, and who holds the other membership in our two-person book club. The kind of friend who helps me strategize and plan elaborate parties despite the fact that we live 2000 miles apart.

We’ve been through quite a lot in our fifteen-year friendship. We’ve traveled together, both in this country and out of it. We spent the better part of our high school years taking most of the same classes, singing in the same choirs, and spending hours and hours of time in our high school theatre program both on stage and off.

It wasn’t always glamorous. I’d like to say we were Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. We were not. That’s us in the horse costumes.

Not. Even. Kidding.

On top of everything, we’ve celebrated milestones together at every age. Graduations, proms, AP exams, making the cut for Colours honor choir, landing jobs, losing jobs, getting into college, getting OUT of college, 4-H, first dates, and most everything else.

And now, for the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about another milestone that is coming up next fall…

Sierra’s getting married (and blogging about it too!) To another dear friend of mine, Sean, who actually WAS Sierra’s aforementioned first date waaaay back in high school.

They’ve been together now for a little over nine years, and have had many adventures of their own.

There aren’t many people who get so lucky on the first shot. They have, truly, a beautiful love story.

And true to some giggly conversation Sierra and I probably had at a sleepover years ago, I’m following through on a promise I made regarding her then-future wedding.

You guessed it… I’m making their wedding cake! (gulp)

Now, what, you might ask, makes me possibly think I have any business making a wedding cake for someone? Well as it turns out, in addition to cooking and blogging and working too many hours, cake decorating is a bit of a hobby for me and has been since I joined 4-H as an eight-year-old.

AND, this isn’t my first wedding cake. In addition to a number of “practice cakes” I completed the year I took a tiered cake to competition, I’ve actually made cakes for honest-to-god weddings, one of them in collaboration with my sister (check out my killer HP glasses, I was totally fated to love those books), and one of them on my own. The latter, in fact, was just a little over a year ago for Kassi & Mark, another great pair of dear friends.

That cake was made, oh, several months before I started this blog, so there is little documentation of the process. But there definitely is a process, and since I’m in the business of sharing, I’m gonna tell you alllllllll about this one. The designing, the recipe hunting and testing, the nail-biting moments of terror, the late nights falling asleep with frosting stuck in my hair… all of it.

So stay tuned! You’ll get an inside view of all those little things you want to know (or may not want to know) about building a wedding cake, from concept to crumbs.

And I get to give the greatest wedding gift I can think of to the best friend I can possibly imagine.


Next: To Bake a Wedding Cake, Part 2: Um, So, What Are We Doing? 


  1. aw man! I am going to miss the taste tests for this wedding cake!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      I know! The students in my office say they’ll never tire of cake… I’m not so sure though…

  2. Suzy says:

    Oh, my, I want to cry! This is a lovely post, showing some of my favorite lovely girls! I hope you can send this to Sierra’s and Sean’s moms! Thank you! :D

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      I’m pretty sure Sea just sent the link to her entire family :)

  3. Kassi says:

    Don’t forget to mention dogs eating part of the cake!

    P.S. My wedding cake had to be the best cake I have ever eaten!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      That was a bad moment. I thought your mom might kill that dog.

  4. Sierra says:

    YES! So much love for this post and this girl! I am so blessed to have found Sean on the first try, but also a best friend in Kristi before age 12!! Stay tuned, because its going to be a kick ass cake!!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      Damn skippy it’s gonna be a kick ass cake!

  5. Astrid says:

    I am the Aunt of the bride to be and I can’t wait to see more! Even more, I can’t wit to taste the cake!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      I’m looking forward to meeting all of Sea’s family!

  6. Heather Rasmussen says:

    I will be happy to watch! Especially since I remember at least some of the milestones you made together as well! Fond memories from a fellow Colours member. Much love and good luck!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      Yay, glad you’re gonna follow the process!

  7. Arden says:

    Kristi you are the best” daughter’s best friend” a mother could ask for! I actually did start to tear up.

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      It seems that was a common response. Looking forward to seeing you during the planning of this little get together!

  8. Donna Kirby says:

    This was awesome! It brought back so many great memories from when you guys were in middle school. Congrats to Sierra and Sean, and Kristi, if I need a cake I’m asking you!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      It brought up all kinds of memories for me too while I wrote it :)

  9. Kelly says:

    That is so sweet, I am almost in tears!! I forgot for a moment I was even reading about a cake baking. The story of your friendship is so fun! Your cakes are beautiful too!

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      Thanks Kelly! By the way, your photos are stunning. I’m glad to see you’re art is serving you so well!

  10. Megan says:

    Oh My Goodness Kristi, all those pics were amazing!! I loved the one from our 8th grade trip. I still have the collage you put together for all of us at the end of that school year. Can’t wait to see the cake you come up with, and seriously can’t believe we’re at the age where friends are getting married :)

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      Right?? It seems like half the people I know are either getting married or having babies! I completely forgot about that montage, I’ll wager I still have it in my school stuff in CO though…

  11. Susan says:

    This is just beautiful. I will remember to have a box of tissues ready before I read the next step..Thanks

    1. Kristi @ 30 Pounds of Apples says:

      Thanks Susan! Though, I imagine the coming steps won’t be quite so nostalgic. More cake, less background :)

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